As we are all expected, to build a beautiful home, that looks way better than my neighbours, well, may be.  So my dear sister set off to build hers in Thika, all began well with Uncles, Aunties, Friends, Colleagues giving her advice and contacts of the trade.  Soon she was having a heck of a time finding reliable contractors who could give reliable quotes at a cost she could afford.

“Seriously!”.  I  thought, there has to  be an easier way than calling all our friends, neighbours, relatives...too much time wasting and I thought....can this problem be resolved for other Kenyans? aims to make it really easy for anyone looking for a service or business provider to get a quote for their need that is cost effective.  At  No project is too big or small, you can look for car insurance whilst finding a caterer for your wedding. 

You don’t have to waste time making multiple calls and researching – just post a job or request and get quotes from various businesses to compare.  

View profiles and ratings of Quote Providers right on the website to help you make a decision on who to work with.

Getaquote  feedback system ensures that businesses, service providers, professionals and individuals  are rewarded for good work and held accountable for any problems. 

Your feedback powers the quality of this site, we rely on you to weed out bad customers and businesses/professinals/individuals who have not delivered to expected standards, by rating them through the site.


  • You get a quote that fits your budget

  • We put YOU in control - registered businesses, traders or individuals respond to your time frame and your needs.  

  • Those giving QUOTES are reviewed based on their skill, feedback and rating for peace of mind

  • We act ruthlessly in dealing with any member who does not keep to schedules agreed, agreements made, or other failures.

  • We deal with customers who keep failing our business partners.

  • We verify all members via their ID and KRA PIN to be sure they are who they say they are.

  • We understand at times things may go wrong, miscommunication, disagreements and other eventuality may occur.  We have a dedicated admin team that is here to help you mediate to have a solution between our members.


Are you a:

(or anyone offering a service or product)

Finding customers can seem like an impossible task and most businesses mainly rely on word of mouth to give QUOTES to customers.   As good as it works, word of mouth can only travel within a short radiance and circle of contacts.  Think broader, if you are in Kitui and a highly rated Contractor, at GETaQuote, someone in Nairobi should easily hire you expanding your business.

We take the pressure of finding customers so that you  focus on doing great work for your customers.  Relax with Getaquote, without the worry of where the next job will come from. GetaQuote Kenya will make it easier to get customers at your finger tips, as long as your provide a great service.