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 At GETaQUOTE we always talk about value for money when it comes to hiring the right business or service. Simply choosing the cheapest bid is not always the best idea, you need to be happy that the company or individual you choose can perform the work to a high standard

Ask businesses/individuals to come and view the project before making their final bid to avoid disagreements later on the size of job.

Choose businesses/individuals who will keep you well informed as the project progresses and you are comfortable with them and their work ethics.

We provide all members with a detailed online profile so they can provide you with detailed information about their services. It is important to review the profile of each business or individual who is matched to your job. When a member places a bid or wishes to contact you to discuss your project, we send you an email with their contact information as well as a direct link to their profile. You can also see their profile at any time by clicking on their company name in the project box in your account.

Profiles of trade members include:

  • Their company name, location and contact information
  • A detailed description of the company or individual
  • The trade or services they offer
  • Their company profile image
  • Ratings and feedback comments from previous customers who have used their services
  • References from their previous customers – supported by photos if available
  • A gallery section showcasing their work
  • Their insurance details, qualifications, memberships and certifications – this will include (where applicable) their company registration number, PIN, ID
  • When you meet ask to see their ID and KRA PIN 



So you're about to have your project or service commence that you've been saving up for and your caught up in the excitement of having your brand new house becoming a reality for example!.

Unfortunately with all jobs there is the nitty gritty of contracts and the agreements with payment times and amounts to be paid. They are not much fun, but if they are not agreed to properly and openly,  they can cause you a major headache later on – they're worth getting right from the start.

The bigger the job, the more important it is to have a written contract. It comes down to risk in the end. Ask yourself “what do I risk if I do not have a written agreement as to exactly what will be done for the money I pay?” If you are having a door repaired most people will call somebody and have a verbal agreement on the cost. Consider an appropriate document or even engage somebody with some legal understanding depending on size/cost of the project. The bigger the cost/project, the more formal the contract.  


How should I pay for my project?

Never pay for a job before it is completed and never pay out more than the value of the work done to date. If you agree at what points/milestones a payment is due, you will be able to better control the project and see if there are any differences in the bill versus the estimate. You can then discuss them based on the estimate and avoid major shocks when the final bill arrives. Discuss discrepancies early and ensure that you are not surprised. If the company leaves it too long before explaining cost differences, request more frequent updates on spend.

To ensure all work is completed, never pay the full amount before you are satisfied the work is complete. It is good practice to define up front how much the final payment will be and what criteria will be used to define when it must be paid.

Please remember that cash flow is an issue for many companies and if yours is a long job, they may have to pay for your materials bought for your job, so when it is due please pay promptly.

Retain a final payment of the overall cost of the work until after the entire job has been completed to your satisfaction – then pay it promptly.

We always advise paying for any work carried out through electronic means, mpesa or bank transfer and only once you have received the final invoice - avoid cash at all times!  An if you must, ask for a receipt which must have the company details or stamp on it.

Never pay upfront for work that has not been completed, only pay at the end once you have checked and are happy with the work. For larger jobs, staged payments are advisable, but again, only pay for each stage when you have checked the work done so far.

Most companies will be able to cover the cost of materials, but if your project has a lot of material costs associated, we recommend you purchase these and have them delivered to site directly. 


What is feedback?

Feedback is at the heart of the GetaQuote community. Quite simply, feedback is an evaluation of a job poster's experience with a tradesperson. Job posters can read previous feedback comments on each tradesperson's profile, before they hire. More importantly, Job posters can add to a tradesperson's reputation and bring accountability to their project by posting feedback after an agreement has been reached to carry out work.

How does the feedback system work?

Feedback has two important elements: the past and the future. Before you decide which tradesperson to hire, you can look at past feedback to check them out. After an agreement has been reached to carry out work, you can add to that feedback. This system rewards excellent service and punishes bad service. Your feedback closes the loop and give the next customer valuable information about that tradesperson.

A tradesperson hired through GetaQuote has a strong incentive to do their absolute best because they are held accountable for any work they have committed to carry out. Hiring someone through GetaQuote is safer for this reason. Do not use anyone who suggests that you bypass the site. An honest tradesperson who intends to do good work will want your feedback.

GetaQuote feedback is transactional, which means that only people who have actually hired that person can leave feedback on their profile. We work very hard to ensure that all feedback is genuine, which helps everyone using GetaQuote.

I've found a tradesperson through the site and I want to leave feedback. How do I do this?

Great! Simply log in to your account and find the tradesperson that you used in your list. You won't be able to post feedback until you have hired a tradesperson through the site, so if you haven't done so already, click the Hire button on their profile.

Once you have hired a tradesperson, you can then post feedback. You should only post feedback after the job is finished and you are completely happy with the work.

A tradesperson has failed to make an appointment. What can I do?

We're sorry if you've been let down. We request that all tradespeople contact customers in advance if they are unable to meet an appointment. We don't allow feedback to be left for missed appointments but reports are recorded and persistent offenders are removed from GetaQuote.

What's the difference between a client reference and job feedback?

We allow new tradespeople to add two references from previous customers to their trade profile. Each reference is verified by GetaQuote before comments are posted as positive feedback.

Job feedback is an evaluation of work carried out for a job that was listed on GetaQuote. Job feedback can only be left once a tradesperson has been hired through the site and a transaction has taken place. All feedback comments undergo stringent technical and manual checks.

How can I be certain that feedback on the site is genuine?

Feedback is hugely important to our Community. It is a valuable indicator of a tradesperson's reputation on GetaQuote - most homeowners depend on it when deciding who to hire.

We obsessively check all feedback

  • Every job is manually screened before it is approved and posted to the site
  • Feedback can only be left once a tradesman has been hired through the site and a transaction has taken place
  • All feedback comments undergo stringent technical and manual checks. Suspicious feedback is flagged and investigated thoroughly

Genuine feedback gives our Community the knowledge to hire tradespeople with confidence - those who try to play the system are removed from GetaQuote.

Can I remove my feedback?

If you're not happy with your feedback comment and wish to remove it from GetaQuote, please contact us.

Why has my feedback been removed?

We work hard to ensure that every piece of feedback on GetaQuote has been submitted by:

  • A verified user for a job posted on GetaQuote, before work has begun
  • Someone previously unknown to the tradesperson, unless the tradesperson has previously carried out work for that person through GetaQuote

All feedback comments undergo stringent technical and manual checks. If feedback does not pass our checks to a standard that we can be confident about its authenticity, we remove it from the site. 



Do you have any advice on which quote to accept?

You might think that finding the best company or individual for your project will be a challenging process. Which quote should I choose? How can I be sure they'll do a good job? Ask as many questions as possible, let them come and inspect the project e.g. if it is a building project.  Ask for their completed work so far and if need speak to previous customers. 

Am I obliged to hire anyone who expresses an interest in my job?

Of course not. Who you hire is totally up to you. We are here to help, and we want to help you find the best person for your job or service. If you decide to cancel your job or hire through another source, you can simply end your job.

I accidentally hired a tradesperson through the site, how do I reverse my decision?

This is something that we do from our end. Simply contact us and we will change it for you.  



I'm in dispute with a tradesperson, what should I do?

In the first instance you should discuss any problems with  businesses or individuals directly and try to work out a solution that suits both parties. Most businesses or individuals want customers to be happy with their work and will be keen to resolve any issues amicably. You should give the businesses or individual a reasonable period of time to address your concerns. We recommend you send written communications to the businesses or individual via GetaQuote should you ask us for advice later on.

If you are unable to reach an agreement and would like our help, get in touch. In order for us to provide the best advice, you should provide answers to the following questions when you write to us.

  • What happened?
  • How would you like the business to resolve your issue?
  • What have you done so far?
  • What evidence can you send us to support your complaint?

We will normally ask for proof that you have attempted to resolve the matter yourself. Once we have all the facts, we will offer impartial advice on what you could do next.

If work has not been completed to your satisfaction and you are unable to reach a successful resolution, we recommend that you leave feedback. The ability to leave a comment on the business or individual s profile creates a level of accountability that wouldn't otherwise exist. Businesses or individuals have the right to reply to any neutral or negative feedback posted to the site.

Do you remove businesses or individuals from GetaQuote?

We believe that feedback is the best way of holding businesses or individuals accountable for their work. If you hired a businesses or individual through GetaQuote and have been let down, you should post feedback about your experience. In certain cases we also restrict trade accounts if we feel their continued use of GetaQuote may present a risk to other users.

Does GetaQuote offer any kind of guarantee or warranty?

GetaQuote provides a platform that connects people looking for quotes on projects or services with businesses or individuals who can meet their needs, through the power of genuine feedback. We don’t guarantee or insure work carried out by our members.  


Vetting Businesses & Individauls

Do you vet Business and Individuals?

All Business and Individuals have their ID checked and skills evaluated when they apply to join GetaQuote Kenya.

Businesses and Individuals who use GetaQuote are subject to continuous vetting by consumers through our trusted feedback system. Feedback brings accountability and transparency to the platform, helping consumers make informed decisions. Feedback can only be left after a relationship has been confirmed through GetaQuote, which combats abuse and fraudulent behaviour.

Our system flags suspicious feedback for a dedicated team to investigate. Fraudulent feedback is removed without delay and persistent offenders are removed from GetaQuote.

If a Business or Individual doesn't have feedback, don't be afraid to ask for customer references. We also recommend you read our hiring advice before you choose a Businesses and Individuals.

How can I be sure that the Business or Individual are qualified?

Businesses and Individuals with valid qualifications, accreditations and memberships will have evidence of this and should be able to provide you with proof if you require it.

Do bear in mind that, whereas formal qualifications can play a part in the hiring decision, other important factors such as GetaQuote feedback, client references, workmanship guarantees and years of experience should also be taken into consideration when making your final decision.  



If the above does not answer all your questions, or need to contact us for any other reason, send us a message here.